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The Artist

Pauline Medinger

Using a variety of media and techniques, I have produced a wide range of work, always delighting in creative versatility. 

I simply could not fetter my creative energy, joy, and imagination by limiting myself to one art form. I try to utilise methods and materials in an eco-friendly way, selecting those which are most appropriate for a particular subject.  The common thread which I strive to achieve is to produce works of art that are different, thought-provoking, and elicit an emotional response. 
My art reflects not so much what I see, but what I believe, dream, imagine and feel.  Most importantly, my work is a “Thank You” for the blessings in my life.  I am blessed by my wonderful family and friends.  I am blessed to live in this beautiful country on this beautiful planet. Pre-eminently, I am blessed by my Christian faith.

'Visions of Eden' exhibition is taking place at the RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Rettendon Common, Essex CM3 8RA between Saturday 12th March and Sunday 20th March 2022.

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